The Official Ferrari Magazine

“Shooting a story on Ferraris in Italy always makes you feel like a minor deity. When we took the Ferrari Portofino to Portofino for Ferrari magazine, we were blessed with the weather (it had been raining) and felt like we could walk on the water in the harbour.”

Photograph: Amy Shore

Swarovski: 125 Years of Light

“The centrepiece of this book is a shoot which features a gown weighing as much as our model (almost) designed by Chinese designer Guo Pei. Some of the couturier’s creations sell for more than £500,000; these pieces are embellished with metres of golden thread and thousands of Swarovski crystals.”

Photographs: Liz Collins


“Rising from the shores of the Caspian Sea to the high Caucasus mountains, Azerbaijan has almost every kind of landscape you can imagine. And every kind of cityscape from ancient Persian temples to Zaha Hadid designs. For Baku’s pages, we bring creative talent from around the world and shoot and film on location, which is both immensely satisfying and sometimes nerve-wracking in its logistics.”

Photograph: Marcelo Krasilcic


“It’s sometimes hard to keep track of Swarovski’s creativity and up-to-the-minute collaborations with the world’s great designers. And then it’s all about creating an aesthetic that tells even more stories. So much gorgeous crystal! So little time!”

Photograph: Beate Sonnenberg

Sensual Purity

“To get access to the top-secret Mercedes-Benz Design Studio for our book, everyone except our photographer had to hand in all phones, iPads, laptops and anything that could take pictures at Reception. Jonathan then spotted a design concept car that nobody outside the studio had ever seen. With the agreement of Mercedes design director and general dude Gorden Wagener, the team there reluctantly agreed to wheel it outside for a shoot. Our team said it would look even better reflected in water, so cue the local fire department creating a small flood. Worked beautifully in the end.”

Photograph: Jonathan Glynn-Smith


“Normally, images of fine wine estates are all about ripe grapes and shiny bottles and chic tasting rooms. Shooting in Rutherford, the most bijou winemaking area in the United States, we wanted to give a sense of the land, out of season, when the vines are quietly starting to work to create next year’s vintage, sometimes behind a veil of fog and drizzle.”

Photograph: David Eustace

MUSEA: a Book of Modern Muses

“How do you create a beautiful book about a cultural project that is still being built? You create artwork about what will happen there – in this case, digital art representing the soundscape recorded one afternoon along Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.”

Art: Andy Thomas


“For a feature of family business and the passing of the flame through the generations for Deutsche Bank’s Werte magazine, we photographed the Antinori wine family of Tuscany. Now being run by women (three sisters) for the first time in its history; it was a poignant insight into family enterprise.”

Photograph: Luca Rotondo


“Mandarin Oriental’s interiors are all about a slightly edgy luxury, more private home than hotel. That’s what we capture in our shoots around the world.”

Photograph: Ming Tang-Evans

The Poetry of Landscape

“Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, a February day, and Martin Morrell’s dreamy landscape style make for a cover shoot for this book about creative inspirations.”

Photograph: Martin Morrell